Shield Check

Automatic Firewall Checking

Set Up Automatic Firewall Checking

Automatic firewall checking will test your firewall when you start your browser and alert you if there is a problem. It's free and all you have to do is set your home page. Your current home page can still load as usual (see step 1) while the test is performed in the background. If you later want to stop the testing then simply set your home page back.

You may have cookies disabled in your browser. You can still set up automatic firewall checking but you can't keep your current home page.

1. Keep current home page (optional): If you still want your current home page shown then put its address here. You may leave it blank and you can set this later.


If you aren't sure what your current home page is then press the home page symbol in your browser. After that press your browser's back button to come back.
2. Set new home page: Drag this link, Automatic Firewall Tester, onto the home page symbol on your browser's toolbar. If that doesn't work then copy this address to your browser's home page setting:

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