Shield Check


Why check your firewall regularly?

Who am I?

I am a software engineer and telescope observer in Tucson, Arizona. Feel free to contact me.

What exactly does the firewall test do?

In simple terms it tries to connect to your computer. Your firewall should block the connections. If it doesn't then you either don't have a firewall or your firewall needs to be fixed. Don't worry, no information is ever retrieved from your computer, and the connections are closed immediately. This isn't a thorough test of your computer's security, but it should give a yes or no answer about whether your firewall is actually operating.

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The firewall check performs the test when you want. You can add it to your favorites to check your firewall on demand.

Check My Firewall Now

The automatic firewall checker performs the test automatically whenever you start your web browser. It will alert you if there is a problem.

Automatic Checking

Details: Both tests try to make TCP connections to some common ports on your computer: 21-FTP, 23-Telnet, 25-SMTP, 80-HTTP, 135-DCE RPC, 139-NETBIOS, 443-HTTPS, and 995-POP3.

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